What’s New in MindFire Studio (and How it Can Help You and Your Clients Improve Your Marketing Results)

We’re excited to introduce a suite of new and powerful features in MindFire Studio, each of which we believe can help you be a better marketing service provider and improve your clients marketing campaign results. In this post, I am going to give you a brief overview of each new functionality and highlight how it can help you better meet your clients’ marketing needs.

New and Improved Contact Profile View

MindFire Studio Contact Profiel View Click on the image to enlarge.

We have totally revamped the Contact Profile view with one single and important goal: Enabling you and your clients to quickly and easily understand who your contacts are and what they do. The new user interface is simple and presents the key contact information in 3 main areas:

  1. Profile: Find the key profile info including the contact’s name, title, company, phone and email address. You’ll also see a map showing where they live if the Studio’s Contact repository includes their address information.
  2. Standard and Custom fields: For each contact, you’ll see the fields that have a value. You can turn a switch on to see and edit, update and save all the standard and custom fields for each contact right from within the Contact Profile view.
  3. Timeline: The timeline shows how the contact interacts with your campaigns. Did they open your email? Which Goals have they achieved? Did they unsubscribe? See all key contact events in one easy to understand timeline view.

With this new interface, you and your clients can gain a better understanding of your contacts and learn how they engage with your marketing. Better yet, when a contact responds to one of your campaigns, you can send an automated email to your sales team and include a link to this Contact Profile so when they follow up with the lead, they know exactly who the person is and what he or she has done recently.

Custom Reporting and Dashboard

Each business has a different set of metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure and track. MindFire Studio’s new Reporting Dashboard enables you to create and customize your dashboard to tell your campaign story specific to your clients’ business needs.

MindFire Studio Custom DashboardClick on the image to enlarge.

What I like most about the new dashboard, besides the ability to customize the data visualization, is the fact that you can bring in data from third-party sources and blend the results within one dashboard to give your clients the whole picture.

As an example, if your client is using Salesforce.com as their CRM, you can show how many of the leads your marketing campaign generated have converted to Opportunities and Sales. Presenting the revenue numbers next to your campaign metrics is a great way to show how your efforts are directly contributing to your clients’ success.

Cloud Connect: The Ultimate Integration App

In today’s always-connected world, applications need to constantly communicate with other apps and resources: You want to send your campaign leads to your client’s CRM, or register contacts to a certain Webinar hosting platform, or retrieve or send data from or to other databases, etc. The need for connecting with other services is increasing rapidly.

While other tools might give you a limited set of integrations with certain apps, MindFire Studio’s Cloud Connect lets you integrate with any app you or your clients desire, including those which are yet to be created!

Cloud ConnectClick on the image to enlarge.

Putting it in technical terms, Cloud Connect provides an easy way to send and receive HTTP requests: You specify the address of the endpoint you’d want to connect with, define the data you’d like to send (or receive), indicate what you’d want to do with the response you are expecting to get from the endpoint, and like other Outbound apps in Studio, simply schedule and publish your program.

This app opens limitless opportunities to integrate and communicate with hundreds and thousands of third-party apps and services.

Email Previews and Spam Score Analysis

Before launching your next big email campaign, wouldn’t it be nice to know how your email looks in different mobile and desktop email clients? Would you like to know if you are – unknowingly, of course – using a word in your email that might cause your email to end up in your recipients’ spam folder?

Well, with the new MindFire Studio Email Analysis feature you just need to literally click a button to find answers to all these questions and more.

Email Preview and Spam AnalysisClick on the image to enlarge.

Improve your email deliverability and response rates by making sure your email is mobile-friendly and passes the most commonly used spam tests.

There’s more!

There are quite a few more new features and I am going to just quickly list some of them here. We’ll cover those soon in upcoming posts:

  • CMS Integration: Allows you to manage campaigns more simply, with less technical resources. Create campaign workflows in Studio, allow any web-accessible Content Management System (CMS) – like WordPress, for example – to edit and manage content.
  • Storefront: Enables your client’s customers to easily order and configure pre-built campaigns. Build campaign templates once, sell them many times at high margin.
  • Twitter and LinkedIn: These Outbound apps let you compose posts or status updates in advance to schedule and publish them at a certain time in future. Gain massive productivity boost in your social media publishing efforts using these new apps.
  • Auto-scaling InfrastructureOver the past few months, we’ve extended our cloud infrastructure to support auto-scaling. These improvements give your marketing programs the ability to dynamically adjust to load, and as a result, you gain better performance for marketing elements like your Microsites, emails, triggers, and more.

If you have any questions about these new features or would like to learn how you can use them in your marketing campaigns, feel free to contact us or simply leave a comment below and let us know what you think! We’re always looking for your feedback to help us better serve your needs.

By Ramin Zamani

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