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[Podcast #28] What to do DURING a Show To Guarantee Success

This week’s Episode is about what to do DURING a Show to guarantee success. This could be a Trade Show, an Event, really anything where you’re trying to drive attendance — take a moment to think about the following scenario:

Have you ever exhibited at a Trade Show or hosted an Event that you spent so much time preparing for only to find all your organization fly out the window when the Show arrives?!

Show Day has arrived…The excitement begins, people are walking all around, coming up to the booth, asking questions. You meet tons of people — you have really great quality conversations with some, and then chat with others about the weather who were just coming up to your booth simply to grab some candy. In an effort to stay organized, you scribble notes on the back of business cards people hand you or try to quickly type notes in your lead retrieval device before talking to someone else. At the end of the first day, you’re exhausted, feet are tired, and go to bed really early. Fast forward to the end of the show, where this same pattern has now happened multiple days in a row.

Eventually, you and your team get back home and you attempt to figure out your follow up process. You pull out your stack business cards, the scribble that once existed is now smudged and illegible, and you now have NO recollection of who the heck John Smith is. You download the leads from your retrieval device which is great, but you’re a bit mortified when you realize you haven’t provided nearly as many notes as you wished you had…You think back and you swear you remember typing more! (Let’s be real, someone probably came up as you were trying to type and you had to scan the next person!)

Anddddd now, you’re sitting at your desk trying as hard as you can to remember people’s names. Yikes!


Anyways, this scenario happened to us one too many times and our ROI wasn’t what we wanted so we realized we needed to do something about it. We started creating very specific action items to do before, during, and after a Show to Guarantee our success.

This week’s Episode (above!) outlines all the things we now do DURING a show to Guarantee Success. Seriously, this is good stuff and you do not want to miss it. One thing that we talk about is how we leverage the team back at HQ just as much as the team at the Show. Sounds odd right? How can the people at home who aren’t at the Show be just as much involved in the conference, during the event, as the people who are actually at the show!? You’ll learn in this Episode.

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Mackenzi Farsheed

Mackenzi Farsheed

MindFire marketer, yoga enthusiast, lover of health and fitness, and passionate about family and friends.

I believe that our challenges present our biggest opportunities, that being positive and leading with a smile is the best way to live, and my goal is to constantly be learning and growing every moment of every day!

Mackenzi Farsheed

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