[VIDEO] September Economic Webinar: Mixed Messages

Dr. Joe Webb joins us again to present the state of the Print economy. We did not get an August webinar because he was busy with Print ‘17, but he returns for more doom and gloom statistics about the economy (jk – actually some statistics are a bit of a concern, but some are quite positive).

Some of the highlights of this month’s mixed bag of statistics:

  • Real GDP still relatively flat (approximately +2%)
  • Industrial production is stagnant
  • Retail sales are dropping — but…
  • The Small Business Index remains at high levels
  • Consumer Confidence is still higher than average
  • Federal Interest rates are still very low

Overall, the message about the Print economy is the same as it has been: It is still more of a problem for large printers (shipments down 9.4%), but small- and medium-sized print businesses are doing quite well.

Webinar Moderator Richard Romano also gives us a recap of Print 17. He said the one thing he most noticed was a return of enthusiasm among attendees. While the print industry is still trying to keep up with digital marketing innovations, it seems that the industry is embracing those same innovations.

C’mon, this webinar is always very informative, and all it takes is a 45-minute investment of your time.

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