[VIDEO] November Economic Webinar: Wait and See!

Get ready for another WhatTheyThink monthly economics webinar. These monthly webinars look at the latest economic statistics from a printer’s perspective. In this episode, Dr. Joe Webb, Director of WhatTheyThink’s Economics and Research Center, gives us an economic update (confidence still up, but retreating a little bit) as well as some insight for the road ahead.

Dr. Webb and webinar moderator Richard Romano are already starting to look at what happened in the print industry in 2017. Here’s what they see:

  • There has not been much technology revolution, just evolution (building out technologies that already exist)
  • Software automation is dominating innovation, and specialty printing is well on its way to becoming mainstream
  • Retail is in a perilous state, but Retail/POP graphics are not feeling it yet
  • Commercial printing shipments have been in retreat for last 13 months
  • Content creation employment statistics indicate weakness for advertising and promotion

Dr. Webb says that the economy seems to be waiting to find out what kind of tax reform will come out of Washington. When something finally gets passed and signed, we will start to see some changes in the economic statistics. Until then, you have a webinar that is full of helpful information – all you have to do is invest 43 minutes and 23 seconds in your future. You’ll be glad you did.

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