[VIDEO] July Economic Webinar: Watch Webinar, Become Smarter

Okay, I’ll give it to you straight: If you’re looking for rosy outlooks and bold growth predictions for the print industry, well, you can just move along. But if you want the real data with Dr. Joe Webb’s expert analysis, this webinar is just for you.

This webinar from WhatTheyThink covers several areas that are of interest to the print industry – including a sneak peek at data from the upcoming mid-year report (available August 1st) as well as the usual economic update.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Small business confidence high, but slipping. Consumer confidence “rebounds” to flat.
  • GDP indicators are fairly close to flat.
  • When adjusted for inflation AND population, the “new normal” shows that the economy is still sputtering.
  • Commercial printing shipments continue to decline – the last 6 months are down 8.7% compared to the prior year.
  • Large printers are still putting a drag on overall industry profits, but small- and mid-sized printers are doing much better with more than a 6% increase.
  • The book “The Third Wave” is done and will be available at Print 17. In this episode (#6), Dr. Webb talks about “A new ownership magnet” and how this new ownership model is starting to dominate the industry. (“The Third Wave: Catch it now!”)

Dr. Webb will be at Print 17, so look him up if you are going. (The next webinar will not be until after Print 17.)

So even though the industry is still struggling, there is money to be made. Watch this webinar and get smarter!

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