[Podcast #10] Using Facebook Lead Ads To Capture Your Target Audience and Generate Revenue

If you think Facebook is just about status messages and cat pictures — think again.  You’re missing a significant opportunity.

Facebook as an Ad platform is exploding. They are serving 28 trillion ad auctions per day! In doing so, they have learned that user experience is key to getting Facebook users to convert to leads.  But in this mobile age, a smooth and cohesive user experience is difficult to achieve.

If you’ve done any kind of lead gen (even if not on Facebook), you’ve probably seen respondents visit your landing pages but bounce before they complete your lead gen form.  Some of the reasons include slow load time, bad landing page layout, a difficult form, and so on.

Facebook’s response to these issues? A new mobile-first solution called Lead Ads.

Why Lead Ads?

Lead Ads were created to address the above pains for both users and advertisers.

By clicking on a Lead Ad, users will see a form pre-populated with data they’ve already shared with Facebook. The user will never have to leave Facebook to fill out an advertiser’s form. This guarantees that the form loads quickly, making it less likely that the potential customer will abort the call to action.

Instead of having to create a separate microsite or landing page which links to the ad, Facebook is capturing the information for you. The form is already mobile friendly so you don’t have to worry about that either!

A better user experience for interacting with and viewing ads translates into less aborted clicks. That means more leads at a higher quality! Lead Ads will also save marketers and advertisers time since they do not have to make a separate microsite or landing page for the ad, nor do they have to worry about making it mobile friendly. All of this drives down the cost per lead.

In summary:  Tap tap.  That’s all it takes to fill out your lead gen form with Lead Ads.

Today’s Episode

So listen to this episode to:

  • Learn more about the Lead Ad and how it operates — including tips on how you can use them right now to start creating new, fresh leads
  • Hear what Facebook’s Lead Ad product manager recommends for maximizing conversions when using Lead Ads (it may surprise you)
  • Gain insight into the Lead Ad product roadmap

Also check out Dave’s previous post on Lead Ads, Using Facebook Lead Ads for Lead Generation.  You’ll see more tips and strategies for utilizing Lead Ads in your marketing.

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Resources Mentioned in the Show

Example of how a Lead Ad shows up on a newsfeed:

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