Two new ways to generate sales-ready leads using MindFire Studio

Yesterday we hosted a Release Webinar to update our Clients about the new features in MindFire Studio and how these new capabilities can help marketers achieve their goals. We’ve had 11 releases since Q4 of last year, so we thought it might be helpful to review the highlights in a 60-minute session. Given how busy Clients are, they don’t always have time to review all of the new features with each release.

We were just back from Dscoop8 (the event ended on 2/24 and I have posted a de-briefing here, if you are interested) so when we decided to host the webinar on 3/11, I felt maybe there’s not enough time to invite users to attend, but we decided to give it a shot anyway and we were pleasantly surprised: We invited around 420 users and in less than a week 100 people registered for the webinar—an impressive conversion of close to 25% in a relatively short period of time! On average, usually close to 50% of those who register attend our webinars but this time two third of registrants attended the live session.  It’s a great feeling to see users are so engaged and excited about the product and we are so grateful to have the best Clients in the world!

Integrate Voice and Print into your Marketing Program

We showcased several new features (and you can watch the recorded session here and review and download the slides here). But I am going to highlight two features that I believe can be really helpful for marketers to generate leads:

#1 Make Phone Calls with Your Landing Pages and Send Automated Personalized Voice Message to Your Target Audience

Imagine you have a lead generation landing page where people can sign up to download your latest and greatest eBook. Upon submitting the form, you can trigger a phone call to those who download the eBook to thank them and remind them where they can find you if they needed more information.

In a different use case, imagine you are hosting a local event, say a training seminar, and you have invited a group of people through a variety of channels like email or direct mail to join your event. You will also most probably have scheduled an automated email (and/or a text message) to go out one day (or one hour) before the session starts to remind registrants to attend your event. Now, with the new feature in MindFire Studio, you can also schedule an automated phone call and leave a personalized voice message to remind them to join your event.

Using this new powerful capability, you can seamlessly integrate voice into your marketing program, and yet no one needs to dial a phone!

#2 Create and Print a Personalized Direct Mail Piece on the Fly

Printing direct mail in the traditional way is not an easy task: You need to build your data list, produce the print-ready artwork file, generate personalized QR Code images, and send them all to the print house.  During pre-press process a new job needs to be created, all the provided assets need to be configured properly for the press and the whole process usually takes several back-and-forth emails and phone calls to make sure everybody on the team is on the same page and all the assets meet the required specifications.

The new integration between HP SmartStream and MindFire Studio changes all that. You no longer need to create and send the assets separately. Using an InDesign Extension provided by HP (SmartStream Composer) you can create your direct mail template, and use MindFire Studio to define and configure your variables. You can now send both the print ready file (PDF) and the instructions to print the job (JDF) from MindFire Studio directly to your HP Indigo Digital Press for print.

Let’s say you have a landing page with a form to capture some information about your target audience. Using the new MindFire Studio feature you can personalize the direct mail based on the answers your respondents give to your questions, and upon submitting the form send the personalized PDF and JDF to print automatically!

Sounds too good to be true? Check out an interactive demo at:

(Bonus: Make sure to enter your phone number so that you can experience the automated phone call too!)

by Ramin Zamani

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