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I get reached out to daily by people (like you!) looking for different pieces of content. “Do you have a case study on using Direct Mail with PURLs for student enrollment?” “I missed last weeks Pixels & Ink episode on PURLs, where can I find it?”

So here it is, The Grand Slam of MindFire PURL resources! I’ve grouped them based on channel of delivery so you can quickly navigate based on your preferred learning style. Please check out the resources below and let me know if this is helpful. We’d love to hear from you!


If you’re an auditory learner or on the go!

#11: How to Get Your Customers to Come to You for Marketing Solutions Instead of Just Print: This transition has resulted in 75%-85% of their revenue now coming directly from offering marketing services – automation, email campaigns, purls, SMS text, custom portals etc… And although the source of their revenue has shifted, they still believe that their core competency is print – all of the other services they offer are a natural extension of that.

#19: Who Else Still Doesn’t Understand The Hype Around PURLs? If your job depends on finding new and creative ways to generate leads and increase sales, then this episode is for you. You’ll see how PURLs can transform your direct mail campaigns, and how they help you outperform traditional campaigns.

You’ll learn:
1. What a PURL is, and why they’re used
2. What the data say about how you can impact your response and conversion rates using PURLs
3. Which industries are using PURLs, and some of the common uses
4. How you can plan, launch, and manage a PURL-enabled campaign

#20: Secrets Of A Direct Mail And PURL Sales Maverick: This is our interview with Ben Shenk of Summit Direct Mail and Print. Even though print is an integral part of their business, they lead with technology. Learn about Ben’s 4 step sales process to close deals and the questions he asks to bring higher value to their customers.

#21: 3 Ways Direct Mail and Facebook Work Together to Increase Leads: In this episode, we tell you how to retarget direct mail “Bouncers” on Facebook to drive more leads, deploy Facebook “Social Air Cover” to Direct Mail recipients, and create lookalike audiences just like your best customers. Whether you’re a corporate marketer or a service provider, this episode is a must-listen!

Be sure to tune in to hear how to….
1. Retarget Direct Mail “Bouncers” on Facebook to Drive More Leads
2. Deploy Facebook “Social Air Cover” to Direct Mail Recipients
3. Create Lookalike Audiences Just Like Your Best Customers


If you want the cold, hard, facts

Raising the Bar on Donations with Cross-Media Marketing: Morris Habitat for Humanity (MHFH) in Morris County, New Jersey, wanted to raise the bar on donations in a big way for their 25th Anniversary, with a goal of a 25 percent increase in donors and average gift amount.Over the year-long campaign, the goal was to raise $100,000, which would be enhanced by a $25,000 challenge grant from a generous supporter should the goal be reached.

AICPACross-Media Marketing Delivers Strong ROI for CPAs: The first time Charlie McClamroch, Marketing Manager at AICPA, received direct mail with a personalized URL and followed the link to a landing page, he knew it was something he could use to reach out to members at the AICPA, the American Institute of CPAs.

BarclayBarclaycard and US Airways Campaign Takes Off: When Barclaycard US in Wilmington, Delaware, acquired a large credit card portfolio from another bank, it faced a two-pronged challenge — convert nearly a half million customers to the new program and change the acceptance brand from Visa to MasterCard.

AlabamaDriving New Student Enrollment with Innovative Marketing Automation: Using marketing automation, the University of Alabama got a 12% response rate, with 50% of respondents applying for admission to a graduate program. This case study reveals the exact tactics employed with direct mail, PURLs, emails, a Variable Viewbook, and follow-up print pieces to achieve these results.

Selling 21 Print Jobs Using Multi-Channel Marketing Automation: How do you create fresh sales leads to sell more Print? Learn how Hemlock fed their presses with 21 printing jobs worth $331,000 using postcards w/PURLs, email blasts, and a highly targeted house list.

SFUDriving Alumni Engagement and Donations with Marketing Automation: This eBook has the marketing automation blueprint used by Saint Francis University to generate a 112% increase in response rates, and shows you how direct mail, eCards, videos, and social media contests drove alumni engagement and donations.

BMWHow BMW Sells More Cars With Multi-Channel Marketing Automation: This eBook contains the 19-page playbook BMW used to retain lease customers using marketing automation. With MINI-O-POLY as the theme (a play on “Monopoly”), BMW used Emails, PURLs, and Landing Pages to drive over 20% of recipients to request a Test Drive, resulting in 2 to 7 cars sold p/month.

FNBHow To Drive Credit Card Renewals w/Marketing Automation: This Case Study contains the 28-page playbook First National Bank used to coordinate Direct Mail w/Personalized URLs, Email, Microsites & SMS to drive a 44% response rate, 34% offer uptake, and 43% renewal rate. Download now to learn how.

WolfpackFree eBook Raising Over $6,000,000.00 With One Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign: Download now to get the multi-channel marketing strategy and blueprint that raised $6+ million for NC State — while significantly cutting campaign expenses — using Print, Email, Microsites, Facebook, and Twitter.

FB3 Ways to Connect Direct Mail With Facebook to Increase Leads: 100 million+ Americans end their day on Facebook. Do you really think your target market isn’t reachable there? If you haven’t connected your print campaigns to earth’s largest social network, you’re missing a large opportunity. Learn 3 unconventional Facebook tactics that generate more leads & revenue — including step-by-step instructions.

The Essential Handbook for Selling PURLs with Direct Mail: Check out this guide to learn how other sales professionals engage large companies for multi-year contracts that include print, PURLs, email, and other electronic channels, the steps experts use to attract new clients (including the questions they ask to move the opportunity forward), and how a print sales rep generates millions in revenue from print, yet differentiates himself in the market, using technology to consistently win new business!


If you like to listen and watch

Each of the above eBooks was created from the real-world campaigns and programs highlighted in our webinars. Check out all of the above case studies being told in webinar form directly by the rock stars who sold the campaigns (if they’re a service provider), built the campaigns, and benefited from the campaigns!

You can access the full webinar library here!

Blog Posts

If you like to read and digest

What Every Marketer Ought to Know About Personalized URLs (PURLS): If you are a marketer and are not using Personalized URLs in your campaign, you are missing a big opportunity. Make sure to read this post to get informed asap!

Not So Fast: Print Ain’t Dead Yet (AKA Direct Mail Outperforms Digital Channels by 600%): Yes, you read that correctly…600%! Check out this post to learn how you can use print in your marketing and make it more valuable by connecting it with all digital channels using PURLs.

Creating Landing Pages That Convert: And if you’re looking for a little assistance in how to maximize the landing pages that your PURLs lead to, make sure to check this out!

Phewwww…I know I just threw a lot at you, but I hope you find it helpful!

By the way: Are you in financial services and looking for everything financial? Or maybe you are trying to increase enrollment at University?

Please comment below and let us know what other Grand Slam Resource Guides would be helpful. We’re happy to organize our content and make it concise so that you can get what you’re looking for in the most efficient way possible!

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