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The Best Presses Are Not Enough for Business Success

Having just returned from Dscoop in Phoenix, my mind is still swirling with thoughts of print, presses, and profit.

Thanks to our kick-butt team and diligent up-front preparation, I was able to spend time listening to other speakers and mingling outside the show floor. This is usually difficult for me because I’m tied to our booth, paranoid about losing prospects — but I’m glad I made the time this year.

(That said, look at these happy faces; how can you resist? Yes, that’s me waving $1,000 in cash for our lucky winner…)

One moment that stands out is when I got to hear Alon Bar-Shany (VP & General Manager, HP Indigo).

I’ve come to realize that Alon elegantly summarized the reason we’re so passionate about the print community. Honestly, I can’t stop thinking about what he said.

The Best Presses Are Not Enough for Business Success.

He’s right: It’s no longer enough having great presses from HP. In order to make money, it’s crucial that printers:

[1] Generate a consistent flow of new leads and opportunities to feed their sales team & presses (honestly, who has the time given everything else that’s going on? I’m reminded that the cobbler’s children have no shoes!)

[2] Figure out new and innovative ways to add value to the print products they produce for clients (… we both know the competition is already knocking on their door)

And this is what we’re here to help printers do. I’m speaking directly to printers now:

Whether it be creating an ongoing marketing campaign that brings you fresh leads on a consistent basis, or helping you integrate Facebook and Direct Mail to offer your customers something unique, we’re ready to help you make more money from print.

Yes, we’ve got great software; but that’s not enough either. We’ve also got an Agency Services team dedicated to helping you implement these strategies so that you don’t have to learn new technology or hire more people. Put us to work, on-demand.

We were honored to be asked by Dscoop to present solutions to the two challenges listed, and joining me on stage were Joseph Manos (EVP, MindFire) and Shanna Vollmer (CEO, 7 Bridges). In our session, we shared how printers like you can generate more leads and revenue with unique, innovative techniques that won’t break the bank. Since lots of the ideas were new, many of you asked for a copy of the presentation; you can download it here.

If you’re interested in speaking further, hit me up in the comments.

David Rosendahl
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David Rosendahl

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David Rosendahl
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