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The 25 Hottest Markets for the Printing Industry for 2018-2019

HOLY COW! These 25 sectors will account for nearly 95% of total print buying activity:

Watch, then download the report to find out what the top 25 sectors are, and for each:

- Forecasted revenue
– Revenue growth rate
– Printing trend (up, down, flat)
– Print potential ($)
– Print change (%)

Want the full report? Print or share this FREE research report with anyone on your team that’s responsible for driving future revenue growth:

[Provided with permission of Printing Impressions, America’s most influential and widely read resource for the Printing Industry.]

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David Rosendahl

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Dad of 2 (wait, no there’s a 3rd, where’d he come from?) and helped launch MindFire. Techno-marketer fascinated with the convergence of print and non-print marketing, machine learning, and entrepreneurship. May run for political office one day (yes, I’m crazy).
David Rosendahl
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