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[Podcast #31] Serve Targeted Online Ads to Real People in Real Households

As marketers, we can no longer assume that people who live near one another buy the same things, like the same cars, have the same preferences. And because of that, it’s becoming increasingly important that we treat each person as just that, a person, and that our marketing speaks directly to that individual. We know we can use trusty direct mail to target people at specific addresses with tangible marketing collateral, but what if we wanted to do that digitally?! Well, with cutting-edge IP Targeting, you can now display targeted online ads to real people in real households!

…say, what!?

Yep, you read that correctly, and in this week’s Episode of Pixels and Ink, you get to find out how! [listen below]

We had the opportunity to sit down with Stacy Griggs, the CEO of El Toro, who has developed a technology that allows you to target real people and serve them digital display online ads and videos based on their physical address. This is true one-to-one marketing…think online direct mail.

With this cookie-free technology, you can merge your offline data with your online ads to show specific ads to a particular person at an exact household. You can even target all the people in a specific building – imagine all the ways you could apply this. Serve online ads to everyone at a conference, show videos to all students at a University. The list is endless!

And as a teaser, below is just a taste of what you’ll learn from Stacy in this Episode:

  • The % of people that buy, who don’t actually click on ads
  • Why a cookie-free solution is beneficial to marketers
  • Best Practices for ads — when to show them, how to incorporate them with direct mail and email campaigns
  • An alternative, more effective, way to measure your campaign success than ROI
  • All the ad fraud currently going on
  • And one of my personal favorites…why the most successful campaigns are actually those with MEDIOCRE click through rates. <--- YES, you read that correctly. Mediocre click through rates!

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