[Podcast #4] Why Response Rates Are Dead (And What You Should Be Looking At Instead)

As a parent with a son getting ready to graduate high school, Mike saw their mailbox being bombarded with mail pieces from universities and colleges and was amazed at just how uninspiring many of them were. Being that he worked in print, focusing on direct mail, he was interested in learning how he could help these organizations start to “move the needle.”

As he continued to work producing mailers for schools, he quickly realized he wanted more – a seat at the table of people who were actually planning the school’s enrollment strategy and their campaigns. In the episode he explains that often when being the printer, you’re not able to be completely involved in the strategy ecosystem. He continued to ask himself how he could get a seat at that table and be a part of the initial marketing strategy discussion instead of being someone who just delivered an “output device.”

He created a conscious life goal to gain a spot at that table and in order to do so, he knew he had to become a subject matter expert. He immersed himself in everything education and surrounded himself with leaders in this space.

Today, Mike’s the Chief Imagination Officer and President of Enrollment Fuel, a company that he says will always be “inspired by enrollment leaders who desire a better and more efficient way to recruit students to their campus.”

So far he and his team have performed over 400 successful student search campaigns, a number that is constantly growing. And how does he define “successful?” Not pretty postcards, not leads, not response rates, but actual insight and increased enrollment.

We hope you are as inspired by Mike as we are. If you are an entrepreneur, an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone who wants to take your company to the next level, this Podcast is a must listen for you.

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Mackenzi Farsheed

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  1. I’m thankful that print “plays” so well with other media and essentially serves as the anchor in most cross-media efforts. It’s exciting today to find so many relevant printing companies who have the tools that position them as business incubators for aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s in these companies where ink (or toner) and innovation connect and do some pretty remarkable things.

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