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[Podcast #37] Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising

Today, we are honored to share with you another Episode of Pixels & Ink where we bring you the best tips, tricks, and strategies for using multi-channel marketing to increase your leads and sales. In this session, you’ll learn Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to coach us on this topic than, Rick Mulready!

To the show, Rick brings 17 years of experience in the online advertising world, previously working for companies such as AOL, Yahoo, and Funny Or Die before taking the leap and starting his own business helping others grow with social media, specifically Facebook.

Not only do you get to hear all about using Facebook to increase your leads and sales whether you are a corporate marketer or a service provider, but you also get to hear his journey to entrepreneurialism. He speaks on his failures and successes in making this transition from the corporate world to starting his own venture and discusses why he chose Facebook as the platform he leverages. Hint: it involves BIG opportunity!

He believes that “social media marketing, specifically Facebook, is a skill that entrepreneurs and online marketers who want to thrive in today’s marketplace NEED to master,” and has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge. Along with his full-time coaching, and incredible podcast called The Art of Paid Traffic, Rick also produces tons of useful content and creates training programs for entrepreneurs and online marketers that show you how to get results from Facebook advertising.

Listen to the full Episode now!

Rick Mulready lives and breathes this stuff. He is passionate (which most definitely shines through in the Episode today) about helping businesses grow through the use of Facebook and applies his years of trying and testing to his programs. We all know the saying, “practice makes perfect” — Rick has practiced and practiced, and practiced some more, and has come up with a program that works and allows his clients (and his own business) to succeed.

Alright, so what are some of the things you’ll hear in the session?

  1. How to get started generating leads on Facebook if you’re new to it and are wondering how to get your feet wet
  2. Strategies to get even better results if you’re already running campaigns
  3. Ricks take on using Facebook for B2B vs B2C — this is one of the most common questions we get
  4. Ricks entire sales funnel and how he uses Facebook to generate leads and sales for his business
  5. Inside tips and tricks about online advertising that Rick has acquired in his 17+ years of experience
  6. Examples of how to use Facebook in conjunction with other marketing channels to drive results

And those are just a few of the valuable things you’ll learn, so make sure to check out the full Episode above!

Want to learn more about Rick?
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Mackenzi Farsheed

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