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[Podcast #36] How to Use Instagram to Generate Leads and Increase Sales

Welcome back MindFire Nation to another Episode of Pixels & Ink where we bring you the best tips, tricks, and strategies for using multi-channel marketing to boost your revenue. Today’s Episode focuses on how you can use Instagram to reach your target audience, generate leads, and increase sales!

Ethan Sigmon, Instagram expert and Co-Founder of Social Insight, joined us to share how companies can tap into the 700 million active Instagram users and leverage this growing platform as a part of your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Yes, you read that correctly, 700 million users. We are floored not only by this number, but also by the rate at which they are growing. Just check out the chart below.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 2.00.58 PM

If that’s not enough to get you excited about marketing on Instagram, let me further outline the value.

Although the amount of active users has doubled over the last two years, it is still a far less saturated advertising space compared to some of the other more crowded social media networks. Not only does that mean more eyeballs on your ads, but this also means that the cost to advertise is a lot less than on some of the other digital channels. This gives you the ability to start using Instagram in your marketing plans without committing to a huge budget. Learn more about this by checking out the full Episode below!

Depending on your objectives, there are a number of different ways businesses can take advantage of Instagram advertising. From sharing native content to posting ads that appear to be native, to using the “stories” function (just to name a few), each method is designed to allow you to accomplish your specific goals.

Throughout the session, you’ll hear Ethan share the most common and effective applications businesses are using to drive people through their sales funnel and maximize their return on ad spend. He explains the differences between all the various methods available and discusses which to use depending on what sort of response you’re trying to accomplish.

Some of the other cool things you won’t want to miss in this Episode are:

  1. How using Instagram for lead generation differs with respect to B2B vs B2C
  2. What sorts of data and analytics companies can gather from their campaigns and how to best use that data to refine their marketing
  3. Some of the newest Instagram features that companies should definitely be using

Before we spoil all the fun, go press play above, and hear it for yourself!

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P.S. Want to get in touch with Ethan? Head over and connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn. And if you want to learn more about how you can use Social Insight to take control of your Instagram Marketing, visit their website!

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Mackenzi Farsheed

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