How to integrate print into your customers’ campaigns with marketing automation

Irvine, CA., February 10, 2014MindFireInc®, the leading provider of marketing automation software for print and marketing service providers, and Dscoop, the global community of HP Indigo users, are hosting an educational webinar titled “How to integrate print into your customers’ campaigns with marketing automation.”

Gershon Alon, Workflow Solutions Manager at HP Indigo, Kraig Schmitt, Creative Director at PIP Printing, Dave Rosendahl, MindFireInc Co-founder, and Joe Manos, Executive Vice President at MindFireInc, will present this free 60-minute webinar on February 18, 2014 at 8 am PST.

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Marketing campaigns that seamlessly integrate print with online channels are in high demand. Attend this webinar to discover the new ways that successful print and marketing service providers are using marketing automation to generate high-profit recurring print revenue.

“Marketing automation technology makes direct mail an integral part of your customers’ marketing campaign workflow. Thanks to the integration between HP SmartStream and MindFire Studio, you can now automatically generate and send ‘triggered’ personalized direct mail pieces in your lead nurturing campaign,” said Joe Manos, Executive Vice President at MindFireInc. “This innovative use of print creates new ways to increase high-value print pages from your HP Indigo press, and provides a competitive advantage for companies running these campaigns,” he added.

Join this free webinar and learn how to:

  1. Find customers that benefit from marketing automation and sell them more profitable services.
  2. Increase your print revenue through the innovative use of direct mail in conjunction with email, text, voice, social and web channels.
  3. Create a predictable recurring revenue stream by offering “ongoing” lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns.

“Implementing marketing campaigns with multiple channels used to be a logistic nightmare for us,” said Kraig Schmitt, Creative Director at PIP Printing. “Now with the use of MindFire Studio and HP SmartStream Designer, all components are under one roof making it easy to manage, track and execute,” he stated.

The presenters will showcase several real-world examples of effective marketing campaigns that modern marketers need today. Attendees will learn all they need to know about how to start growing their revenue with marketing automation.

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About MindFireInc®

MindFireInc’s innovative new marketing automation software, MindFire Studio, allows print and marketing service providers to create marketing campaigns that provide a highly personalized and unified experience across multiple channels, enabling the growth of revenue by driving more qualified leads to sales teams.

Through the MindFire Studio integration with the HP SmartStream family of products, printing a direct mail piece is now as easy as sending an email. Visit to learn more and create your free trial account today.


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