MindFire Studio: Like legos, but for marketing

[VIDEO + $ bonus] MindFire Studio: Kinda Like Legos, but for Marketing

Warning: If you’re brave, scroll to the bottom of this post for a chance to grab a Starbucks gift card.

Before we ever wrote a line of code for MindFire Studio, we spent time trying to envision the future. Our goal was to figure out how we could create something that could help you, as a marketer, take advantage of technology in a way that would significantly improve your life.

After some time, it became apparent that while we couldn’t predict what new forms of media would emerge, we could predict that inevitably, they would emerge. It wasn’t a question of if, only when.

So instead of trying to predict what the next Harvard dropout would create, we charted a course to build a platform that plays nicely with any form of media. Our goal was to give you a way to assemble marketing workflows in limitless configurations — in a way that once you learned how one piece works, you intuitively knew how the others did too.

Kinda like Legos, but for marketing. (Unlike Legos, stepping on MindFire Studio doesn’t cause extreme foot pain.)

It’s been a large undertaking, but a rewarding one that has given thousands the power and flexibility they need to compete in today’s chaotic world.

The results?

For the Printers in our family, we’ve seen Studio enable them to move from competing on price, to become sought-after marketing strategists and thought leaders.

For the universities and educational institutions using MindFire, we’ve helped them become more data-driven in their communication and enabled them to cost effectively increase admissions, fund-raising, and community awareness.

For the Agencies, we’ve helped many become fully equipped to offer a comprehensive strategy and solution that spans print, email, social, and more.

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the latest, take a look at this 24-minute video recorded by Mary Trotta. You’ll see some things that are familiar, and others that are bound to be new. And this only scratches the tip of the Lego.

Watch & win

HEADS UP: As a bonus, catch the secret phrase, send an email to our demand gen team (demandgen@mindfireinc.com) w/the phrase, and we’ll send qualified respondents a Starbucks gift card.

Coffee is good for the soul!



David Rosendahl
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David Rosendahl

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Dad of 2 (wait, no there’s a 3rd, where’d he come from?) and helped launch MindFire. Techno-marketer fascinated with the convergence of print and non-print marketing, machine learning, and entrepreneurship. May run for political office one day (yes, I’m crazy).
David Rosendahl
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