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DALLAS, Texas, March 24, 2018 /Dscoop/ — MindFire, the leading provider of marketing software and services for printers, announced today that it has released new, innovative technology to help printers drive revenue.

“For years, we’ve helped printers sell digital marketing services, like combining direct mail with PURLs, Social Media, Email, Landing Pages, and Mobile Marketing” said Joe Manos, EVP MindFire.

“Today, we’re announcing a significant investment to help all printers do something every successful business requires, regardless of size or capability: find more customers without the frustrating, costly, and time-consuming process of producing regular self-promotional marketing campaigns. This addresses the number one challenge all PSP’s face: getting face-to-face with prospects and customers to discuss new print solutions. We’re doing that by providing printers everything they need — including end-to-end campaign content — so that 80% of the work is done with only minimal customization required to launch,” he added.

MindFire’s flagship product, Studio, was launched in 2012 to help printers increase revenue through the creation of campaigns that weave together print and non-print channels.

Built atop this powerful technology, MindFire Da Vinci is a simple, web-based interface that guides non-technical users through the planning and launching of sophisticated multi-channel campaigns, but with extraordinary ease.

“I like to joke with printers that if they can’t launch campaigns using Da Vinci themselves, I’ll rent one of my children to them,” said Dave Rosendahl, MindFire’s co-founder. “Without a doubt, my 5 year-old can launch campaigns … and if she can do it, you can too,” he said.

With MindFire Da Vinci, printers:

  • No longer have to worry about what kinds of marketing workflows they need to build to achieve their lead generation objectives, because Da Vinci comes with built-in “Blueprints”. Each Blueprint is a proven workflow that makes it easy to perform common marketing tasks, like driving traffic to content, or capturing interactions with a lead magnet.
  • Eliminate the expense of creating their own high-value content, because Da Vinci can provide end-to-end campaigns that can be used to drive interest in print services. These end-to-end campaigns include all the content required to power drip emails, lead generation landing pages, downloadable eBooks, and cover a variety of topics that are of interest to marketers in both B2B and B2C fields.
  • Can start creating fresh, new leads — even if they have no list to import — through Da Vinci’s website Lead Alerter, a utility to turn anonymous web traffic into names and companies.

“Using MindFire Da Vinci, we’re convinced that printers in the Dscoop community are just one campaign away from growing their print business to the next level,” said Moe Farsheed, CEO.

To learn more, sign up for a FREE trial at bit.ly/godavinci and enter promo code ‘DSCOOP18′ in the “How did you hear about us?” box.
David Rosendahl
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David Rosendahl

Co-Founder at MindFire
Dad of 2 (wait, no there’s a 3rd, where’d he come from?) and helped launch MindFire. Techno-marketer fascinated with the convergence of print and non-print marketing, machine learning, and entrepreneurship. May run for political office one day (yes, I’m crazy).
David Rosendahl
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