Mercedes Personalized URL (PURL)

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA Uses Personalized URLs (PURLS) and Landing Pages for Customers

In a recent update on Automotive News, details of Mercedes’ IT and marketing overhaul revealed many upgrades, including the company’s roll-out of PURLs and personalized sites for customers.

The new features (which allegedly took five years to complete) are viewed as a critical investment by MBZ according to Rodolfo Dominguez and Johan Swart, the IT experts who headed the project.

From the article:

When a buyer takes delivery, the dealership takes a photo of the customer and vehicle and registers the customer with MBFS, Swart said. The customer then receives an emailed link to his or her own personalized landing page. From there, MBFS can be specific in how it targets communication and marketing to the customer, he said.

Read the full article here.

Once you’ve read the details, tell us: What do you think of Mercedes’ strategy?

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David Rosendahl
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