[VIDEO] May Economic Webinar: Go Get Some Ice Cream

Did you miss the May economic webinar from What They Think? So did I.
Do you like ice cream? So do I!
So go buy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and let’s sit down and watch the recorded May Economic Webinar: “Print Industry Bright Spots, A Changing Workforce, Conflicting Tech and Media Trends.”
In this webinar, Dr. Joe Webb says that small business confidence is still high, but industry growth continues at a nearly-stagnant pace of 2% per year. Additionally, the Commerce Department reduced their economic data from 2014 – March 2017. While this is a normal procedure, it was surprising to see such drastic reductions (-4%).
As usual, Dr. Webb provides a ton of very useful and insightful information for the print industry. So even if you don’t have any ice cream close by, watching this webinar would still be time well-spent!

NOTE: If you also missed the June economic webinar, don’t feel bad – everyone did. That’s because they did not have one. But if you are interested in the June 2017 data, Dr. Webb provides an analysis in his column, Recovery Indicators Move to Half Here, Half There; Shipments and Profits Fall, Concerns Raised (NOTE: This content is only available to PREMIUM Members, but you can just buy a day pass for $5.95 if you are interested.)

See you in July!!!

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