[VIDEO] March Economic Webinar: Monthly overview of the print industry’s economic landscape

I have become a big fan of WhatTheyThink’s monthly economics webinar. In just 30 minutes, Dr. Joe Webb, Director of WhatTheyThink’s Economics and Research Center, provides the latest printing industry economic data and looks at the most recent small business and consumer info trends.

Some of this month’s highlights:

While small business remains enthusiastic about upcoming economic prospects, and consumer confidence is still rising, reality may be setting in. The economy has been sluggish for quite some time (2% growth) and Q1 is shaping up to be a very slow quarter with growth possibly dropping below 1%.

In his “Third Wave” update, Dr. Webb says that capital is very important – but not just financial capital; thought capital is also important. “The healthiest print businesses are the ones who can withstand the changes in the marketplace and are also prescient enough to understand where the marketplace is going,” he says. “Printers have to become involved in Content Marketing, know companies’ goals and objectives, and know how to cultivate those contacts that are created through the Content Marketing process.” He also says that, “…one of the effective things behind Content Marketing is Marketing Automation, which helps bring more of this into focus.”

WhatTheyThink webinar host Richard Romano says lightly in his intro, “If you play the recordings of these webinars to houseplants, they grow faster.” I’m hoping that if you play this webinar to print executives, their businesses will grow faster. :-)

As it is every month, this is 30 minutes that is well spent.


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