The 2017 Economy, Print and the Emerging Third Media Wave (1)-min

January Economic Update: The 2017 Economy, Print and the Emerging Third Media Wave

Judging by the web traffic to last month’s updates on print, the economy, and changing political landscape (see “2017 US Economy Outlook and Commercial Printing Forecast” and “Make Print Great Again!“), it seems many of you are hungry for data and insights to help you sell more.

In that spirit, we’ll continue bringing you curated stories and information help you make better business decisions. Check back often or subscribe to our blog to receive the latest updates.

Today’s update is the latest on how the economy and new Trump Administration may impact the print landscape, brought to you by our friends at WhatTheyThink.

If you’re in the print business, set aside 30 minutes to watch because Dr. Joe Webb covers many useful points, including:

  • How there is seemingly unbridled optimism from small businesses because of Trump, but why it is too early to tell where this will take us. You may be surprised to learn that confidence has not been this high for over a decade! How long will it last? How can you take advantage of it?
  • Why the role of printed goods continues to change, and how we may be reaching a pivot point in how marketers select the media they want to use to reach their customers — leading Dr. Joe to surmise we are headed into what he calls “The Third Wave.”
  • How across all printers, the average profit margin is 2.7%, but how profit leaders (the top 25%) are 3.5x the average! Everyone else clocks in at a dismal .4% average. What can you do to get into the top 25%?
  • Why the traditional print sales rep is dead. Dr. Joe argues that for many printers, they simply do not have a young enough sales force. He argues that most print companies have a sales team that are at least 1 or 2 generations apart from the people making media buying decisions. Learn why this is important and what you can do to overcome this challenge.

Ready? Click below to start the webinar. It’s well worth your time.

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Your Turn

After you watch Dr. Joe Webb’s presentation, let’s talk about it in the comments.

Where do you disagree? What do you see in your business?

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David Rosendahl

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Dad of 2 (wait, no there’s a 3rd, where’d he come from?) and helped launch MindFire. Techno-marketer fascinated with the convergence of print and non-print marketing, machine learning, and entrepreneurship. May run for political office one day (yes, I’m crazy).
David Rosendahl
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Comments (5)

  1. Hey everyone, if you’re in print sales, I’m really interested in what you think about the notion that the traditional print sales rep is dead?

    Also, what do you think about the generational gap issue that Dr. Joe talks about? Does that impact you?

  2. Not dead, just undead, like in walking dead. :) The problem is so many companies are tossing their marketing duties to millenialls because they are “hip”, and know how to “connect” with “this social media thing”. That is an oversimplification, but I have seen it a lot in companies. The older generation gets moved out or moved into “management”. Older generations are comfortable with print, younger generations are comfortable with digital. Digital has happened so fast that there is no middle generation that is comfortable with connecting the two. It’s us who are alive now with the challenge to do it, young and old we have to find out how to marry them since they are both so relevant for our time. It’s a mindset of flexibility and a comfort with both that will bring success in this.

    • Andrew, well-said. There is definitely a disconnect between generations when it comes to media. I’m so pumped that folks like you are out there that see the challenge and are able (and willing) to step into the discomfort. Let’s do this!

  3. Not in print sales but work with hundreds of print sales teams. Most senior print sales professionals aren’t willing to learn the new digital solutions to meet their customer needs.

    A solution some business owners have introduced has worked well. They want the print sales rep to stay focused on what they do well, but they also want to secure the new non-print business in their account. They have partnered a digital solution specialist with the print sales rep to introduce new digital options to their customers.

    The print sales rep still manages the account and the customer gets an opportunity to take advantage of new approaches to meet their business needs. This has worked well in a number of our customers sales organizations.

    A number of years ago their was a study out that stated most customers don’t look to their print sales rep for new, innovative solutions for their business. Introducing the specialist addresses that need.

  4. If all you do is sell printing you’re done. Sell innovation, sell solutions. Print may just be part of the mix.
    Customers want performance, most could care less about the methods.

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