[Podcast #1] How to Start From Zero and Learn to Sell Multi-Channel Campaigns with Kim Gross

Dave and I had a blast talking to Kim Gross of Pacesetter for the first episode of our podcast interview series. Kim shared how she developed and productized cross media marketing programs and how she landed her first campaign.

Along with leading the sales and marketing team at Pacesetter, Kim is a mother of two toddlers, and runs her own health and fitness venture. (talk about Rockstar!) In the episode, Kim explains how she prioritizes personal development into her everyday schedule so that she can be the best at what she does. She attests that turning down business opportunities may be counter intuitive but was key for building a solid reputation for Pacesetter: “You can’t be everything to everyone,” she says.

Here is what we covered in today’s episode:

00:00 Intro – What to expect from this series and episode
4:23 Who is Kim Gross when she isn’t working?
6:34 What is the best piece of advice you have received?
8:39 Over promising and under delivering: knowing when to turn opportunities down
9:55 What is your role at Pacesetter and what kind of verticals do you find success in?
12:14 Pacesetter’s unique story
15:00 What technical skills are important as a sales and marketing lead?
16:08 The power of partnership
18:21 How did you land your first campaign?
19:37 Don’t sell, listen to your leads
22:55 How do you generate interest in Pacesetter?
27:16 Who in organizations do you target?
29:00 What is your competitive edge?
31:02 How do you find the time for personal development?
32:23 Contact info
33:31 Conclusion


Info Mentioned During the Show

Pacesetter Enterprises — Kim’s website
MindFire Inc — Hey, that’s us.
Pageflex — Powers Kim’s web-to-print Storefronts
FusionPro — Used by Kim’s team to create variable data print piece
Saint Francis University Case Study — A Case Study about Kim’s multi-channel campaign for Saint Francis University, where she drove a $40,000 increase in online donations

We Need to Hear From You

We hope you enjoyed the session! Be on the look out for our 2nd Episode coming to you next week!

Thanks for listening,

Mackenzi & Dave

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Mackenzi Farsheed

Mackenzi Farsheed

MindFire marketer, yoga enthusiast, lover of health and fitness, and passionate about family and friends.

I believe that our challenges present our biggest opportunities, that being positive and leading with a smile is the best way to live, and my goal is to constantly be learning and growing every moment of every day!

Mackenzi Farsheed

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