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[Podcast #33] Increase Student Enrollment with Digital Display Targeting

Check out our latest Episode of Pixels & Ink to learn how to Increase Student Enrollment with Digital Display Targeting!

If you joined us for Episode 31 when we chatted with Stacy Griggs, CEO of El Toro, you know just how powerful IP Targeting is, especially if you are trying to marketing to a specific audience. If you haven’t listened to that Episode yet, let me give you a quick summary:

The El Toro technology allows us as marketers to target real people and serve them digital display online ads and videos based on their physical address. Think online direct mail.

With their cookie-free technology, you can show specific ads to a particular person at an exact household. You can even target all the people in a specific building.

Amazing, right?

That Episode is jam-packed with information about how the technology works, and now in this week’s Episode (listen below!), you get to hear an actual use case and application of this technology.

Click above to hear our discussion with Steve Huey, CEO of Capture Higher Ed.

Capture Higher Ed creates and implements new technologies to assist their partners in meeting their Enrollment goals by employing a Digital Display Targeting strategy with the use of household IP Targeting to communicate with specific households with precise accuracy.

That means they display their ads to prospective student households across any device (mobile, web, social channels), delivering exceptional results in the form of applications and enrollment.

Steve merges his extensive experience in technology with his passion for education to drive results.

Listen to This Episode to Learn how:
1. They started the company by combining three distinct disciplines to create a unique way of finding and engaging students
2. They get a somewhat old-school industry to adopt digital marketing to drive results. (You’ll even hear the two different ways he approaches a school depending on who he is talking to)
3. He sheds light on the University’s leaky funnel and provides a solution to employ to hit their enrollment goals

We hope you enjoy!

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Mackenzi Farsheed

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