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[Podcast #5] How Digital Marketing Will Drive Your Print Business And Help You Grow Revenue With Cece Smith, CEO of Toolbox Studios

Today you are in for a real treat!

A few years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Cece Smith at a digital print conference called Dscoop. She walked into our booth like a ray of sunshine – huge smile, bright eyes – and within a few minutes of conversation, we could tell she was someone who was hungry for growth: the type of person who undoubtedly would become an industry leader.

Fast forward a few years and she has exceeded predictions.

Along with her husband, she’s grown their print broker company, SmithPrint (yes they started as brokers), to the 5th largest commercial printer in San Antonio. Not to mention she also started Toolbox Studios, a full-service digital marketing company. They offer marketing automation programs, web design, SEO, branding .. and the list goes on. Their goal is to do anything it takes to solve their customer’s challenge and help them drive revenue.

You’ll even hear her talk about how she will go as far as checking in with her client’s sales team when a lead comes in — just to make sure someone’s on top of it. This is a tactic we’ve noticed other successful marketing services companies employ. Maybe she’s on to something there.

Plug in those headphones, get your running shoes on (or maybe latch that seatbelt if you’re driving), and get ready to learn.

Now it’s your turn: Cece will monitor your questions and comments below, so if you need any advice or want to direct a question at her, please do so!

Resources Mentioned in the Show

Toolbox Studios – San Antonio-based marketing provider
MindFire – Hey that’s us!

Equipment Mentioned in the Show

HP Indigo
Heidelberg Presses

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