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[Podcast #32] The Biggest Bang For Your Marketing Buck…Google AdWords!

Hey, Listeners – we recently had the opportunity to interview Jason and Chris from The Paid Search Podcast about the advertising network which they believe to be the best bang for your marketing buck…Google AdWords!

Whether this is a brand new topic for you, or you’re a daily practitioner, this Episode is a must-listen!

And since we’re in the midst of a series on digital marketing, but we always like to discuss how each channel fits into a multi-channel multi-touch strategy, you’ll hear that as well.

Not only does this Episode teach you the basics of Google AdWords along with secret tips/tricks/strategies that you can only gain from 10+ years of experience, but it was tailored to illustrate how you can use Google AdWords along with offline channels, such as print, and other online channels, like landing pages, your website, social media, etc..

Something that I really appreciate about Jason and Chris is that somehow, even though they are so talented and do this stuff all day, every day, they have the ability to coach in a way that you can follow, understand, and confidently start implementing for your own company (or your customers if you’re a service provider).

So what will you learn?

Welp, among many other things, below are some highlights:
  1. What Google AdWords is, how much it costs, how to get started, how to start getting leads immediately
  2. What “quality score” is and how it directly affects the performance and cost of your Ads
  3. Their take on where you should send people who click your ads — landing pages vs your website
  4. The latest and greatest ways to use Google AdWords – hint: Google Ads extends outside of the google website
  5. And…how you can literally see down to the penny, where your $$$ is being spent

This Episode is jam-packed with information, but it’s also fun and digestible, so make sure to listen now!

Want to Learn More From Chris and Jason?!
Do yourself a huge favor and go listen to their Podcast, The Paid Search Podcast. It is absolutely one of the best out there for people who are brand new to Google AdWords and people who are already using it!

To reach Jason, directly, head over to his website!
And to get in touch with Chris, find him on his website!

And we have an exclusive Pixels & Ink Listener Promotion for you!
Chris has offered to give listeners a free 30 minute AdWords audit of any of your Google AdWords campaigns. No obligations at all – he’ll just look it over and give you feedback…how amazing is that!?

All you need to do is schedule a call with him on his calendar, mention Pixels & Ink, and those 30 minutes are all yours! This is a big deal, and we are so gracious for the promotion…thanks, Chris!

As always, we want to hear from you, so comment below! We’re most likely going to do another Episode with Jason and Chris, so make sure to leave all your questions, so we can get the answers from the experts themselves.

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And if you’re wondering if Jason ever handed over a picture of Bert…oh you bet he did!


Mackenzi Farsheed

Mackenzi Farsheed

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I believe that our challenges present our biggest opportunities, that being positive and leading with a smile is the best way to live, and my goal is to constantly be learning and growing every moment of every day!

Mackenzi Farsheed

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  1. It’s a great Episode folks…we hope you enjoy! Make sure to leave questions and comments for a chance at winning our weekly prize!

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