How To Get Unlimited Email Aliases- Gmail Productivity Hack

How To Get Unlimited Email Aliases: Gmail Productivity Hack

Here’s a productivity tip I just picked up from Amir, one of our marketing automation engineers: say you’re in a situation where you need unlimited email aliases (for QA-ing your apps, or testing various marketing automation personas, etc.).
Unlimited Email Aliases

You could indeed create a bunch of free email addresses, but it can be a pain in the butt to monitor a bazillion email accounts — not to mention the time it takes to create each account.

Getting Yourself Unlimited Email Aliases

Here’s how you can create an unlimited number of email aliases, using only one Gmail account:

  • Grab yourself a Gmail account (say,
  • Anything like will route to your email address

Google is smart enough (go figure!) to resolve anything formatted in this way to your address.  Using this method, you can create virtually an unlimited number of aliases.

This method is particularly useful if you’re testing a series of marketing automation workflows, where you’re creating a series of test Contacts that each manifests a different behavior.  By using this method, it is pretty easy to test these scenarios with a different email address while minimizing the amount of work you have to do.

Kind of cool, huh?

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  1. Yeah it works very well, but, and it is a big BUT, at least half of the time, when say, you have an email address such as & you create an alias such at to use as an alias username at a website you are creating a user account on, even though the is a perfectly unique &legitimate Internet valid email address, the website owner has decided to call the an invalid email address & will not accept. Big Downer!

    • Thanks for the comment! I see what you’re saying; it seems you’re using this “hack” when signing up for something on a 3rd party website, right?

      The use-case we outlined here was more aimed at folks who are testing marketing automation workflows and need multiple email addresses for a variety of tests — but I see your point. If the third party site owner is using a validation script on their email field that doesn’t like the +, this won’t work :)

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