ExactTarget Policy Change Frustrates Agencies, Printers, Service Providers

Do you earn income by reselling ExactTarget email services?

If so, you may suffer from recent policy changes requiring your clients to license ExactTarget themselves.

Unfortunately, this means you can no longer resell email services to your customers and earn your markup.

For companies sending hundreds of thousands or millions of emails per month on behalf of their customers, this is a loss of significant revenue.

We’ve heard this frustration from numerous companies, and while we have great respect for ExactTarget/Salesforce, we’re committed to helping you if you’re in this situation.

Since day one, MindFire has focused on helping companies resell marketing services, including email, so that agencies, printers, and other service companies can profit from these services.

For folks responding by December 31, we’ll beat your current ExactTarget email terms by up to 20%. Click here to get in touch, and one of our friendly people will see how much we can save you in 2018.

David Rosendahl
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David Rosendahl

Co-Founder at MindFire
Dad of 2 (wait, no there’s a 3rd, where’d he come from?) and helped launch MindFire. Techno-marketer fascinated with the convergence of print and non-print marketing, machine learning, and entrepreneurship. May run for political office one day (yes, I’m crazy).
David Rosendahl
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  1. Thanks for bringing this up, Dave. In Client Services, we have several customers that have already approached us with the business that was earlier being routed through Exact Target. We would love to help out anyone that is being impacted.

  2. Readers: Allow me to underscore that we have no ill-will against Salesforce and ExactTarget. They’re a great (combined) company.

    But after hearing from so many about their frustrations, we’ve decided to act. If you find yourself limited by this recent policy change, please contact us or feel free to reach out to me directly: daver [at] mindfireinc.com.

  3. Another clarification after receiving response to this: Some have mentioned that they were unaware of this change and ask why they haven’t been told.

    We suspect that this issue is raised at your next renewal point. If your contract is not yet up for renewal, then it is likely you haven’t yet run into this issue.

    As I stated above, we’re not into the business of spreading fake news — so please correct us if we’re wrong on any of these details.

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