Do You Want to Learn How You Can Use Marketing Automation to Grow Revenue?
Learn How to Generate New Leads and Revenue (for Yourself or Clients) Using Marketing Automation.
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When You Attend, You Will Learn...
  • How you can crack the marketing automation “code” using two distinct tactics to grow revenue (we'll demonstrate both live)
  • Why marketing automation Lead Funnels that use multiple channels (like direct mail, email, Facebook, and phone) create you 7x more leads and sales than 1 channel alone
  • How to generate revenue by offering your customers a white label marketing automation service even if you’ve never sold or built a campaign before
  • How a print company sold $331,000 in print orders using the techniques you'll learn during the webinar, and another raised $6,000,000 for NC State (you'll get access to both PDF Case Studies and workflows during the session)
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