What Every Printer Ought to Know About Using Facebook to Generate Revenue-2

[Podcast #7] How Printers Can Leverage Facebook to Generate Leads and Revenue

If you’re not using Facebook in conjunction with direct mail, you’re leaving significant opportunity on the table.

One of the goals of the Pixels & Ink podcast is to equip you with the knowledge to feel that you can confidently thrive in the ever-changing marketing landscape. As the world evolves and times change, there is always going to be something new…a more efficient way to accomplish a goal, a quicker way to connect with people, or another channel through which we communicate.

It can sometimes feel impossible to keep up with the latest trends, and that’s where this podcast comes in.

We hope to demystify the marketing, building, and selling of multi-channel marketing, and offer insight that gives you behind-the-scenes knowledge on how to leverage the tools you already have, as well as some that you may not yet be familiar with, to grow your business (and those of your customers if you’re a service provider).

With this in mind, we’re bringing you a three-part series on How Printers Can Leverage Facebook to Generate Leads and Revenue.

In This Three-part Series, You’ll:

1. Learn how Facebook can be the glue that connects Email and Print to generate new, fresh Leads every day

2. Understand how two Facebook ad features drive your pipeline in ways that your competitors under-utilize, and best yet, are very cost-effective

3. Hear real-life case studies illustrating just how effective these new sales and marketing tactics can be to revenue.

Today we bring you part 1 which lays the foundation for 2nd and 3rd episodes in the series.

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Mackenzi Farsheed

Mackenzi Farsheed

MindFire marketer, yoga enthusiast, lover of health and fitness, and passionate about family and friends.

I believe that our challenges present our biggest opportunities, that being positive and leading with a smile is the best way to live, and my goal is to constantly be learning and growing every moment of every day!

Mackenzi Farsheed

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