Dscoop8 Nashville in Pictures

This year’s Dscoop event at Nashville was just fascinating. Earlier today, I was writing our press release about how successful this event was for us at MindFire: We had a huge success launching the new integration between MindFire Studio and HP SmartStream; we hosted a couple of educational sessions which both were received exceptionally well by attendees; and more importantly we had many fruitful meetings with our existing and potential clients. A very successful show by all measures, indeed. (I have posted about one of our presentations here, and the press release will be published on Monday.)

But when writing the release I was thinking that the most amazing thing at Dscoop events for me personally, is how friendly and helpful the community is. Everyone from HP staff, Dscoop board, partners and members, is dedicated to offer advice or assistance in any way possible to help others grow their business.

For those of you who may not know, Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) is the community of HP Indigo users, owners and operators. The community started around 8 years ago with a small group (and MindFire was one of the founding members) and now is the largest community of digital printers in the world.

There’s something special about Dscoop events that makes it different from all other trade shows I have been attending or exhibiting at. And I believe it’s all about the people.

For this post I was going to write a quick summary of what happened during the amazing days at Dscoop8, but then I read Dave’s post on his blog and decided to invite you to check his post out. He has done an awesome job capturing every interesting moment of the show, images above are (only) a few of the pictures he’s taken, make sure you see the rest and read his post: here.

by Ramin Zamani

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