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Secrets of a Direct Mail & Personalized URL (PURLs) Sales Maverick

Ben Shenk, a national sales rep with Summit Direct Mail, has helped many large companies achieve their lead generation goals using direct mail campaigns and Personalized URLs (“PURLs”) at scale.

When Ben joined Summit in 2007, he had never seen a PURL before — but after seeing the company’s success with Citibank, using PURLs, he quickly learned as much as he could about the technology.

Ben now does several million PURLs per month, mostly designed to generate leads for his clients in a variety of verticals, including financial services and insurance.

PURLs and Direct Mail: Ben’s Secrets

For years, Ben has worked closely with high-volume direct mailers to generate leads, boost response rates, and increase revenue. He does this by weaving together multi-channel marketing automation, PURLs, and other customized solutions that combine on- and off-line channels.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to achieve sales and marketing success in highly complex scenarios, Ben’s interview is for you.

You’ll learn Ben’s sales process, including how he:

  • Pushes an opportunity forward (revealing the exact questions he asks – they should work for you, too)
  • Focuses his initial pitch around two PURL strengths: lifting response, and reducing call center costs — and how he finds companies with problems in these areas
  • Sometimes discourages clients from including a phone number on their direct mail (you’ll hear Ben’s view on why a PURL is the cheapest way to get a response)
  • Has identified that “abandoned traffic” is some of the most valuable traffic there is (and the exact strategy he uses to turn what others consider failure into fruitful leads)
  • Prefers not to charge campaign set-up fees (and what he does instead)

Check out the episode by clicking the Soundcloud image below, or listen and subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher.

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David Rosendahl
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  1. Hey folks, we’re in the process of a preparing a handbook that lays out everything Ben described.

    If you’re a company like Ben’s, you’ll be able to use it to help you sell these types of campaigns.

    If you’re looking for services like Ben’s, it will help you understand what your provider should be talking to you about.

    **** Let us know in the comments here if you want an early copy *****

  2. Hi I would be interested in seeing the handbook once you have it ready. I’m in the process of stepping out of my current position at a traditional commercial printing company and providing direct response sales funnels, web to print business portals, membership sites, affiliate programs, and purl campaigns for Entrepreneurs, Small Business, and medium business owners. Thanks -Joe Freeman

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