Webinar: Are You Using These 4 Powerful Marketing Automation Capabilities in Your Campaigns?

Join us for a free webinar on 10/22/2015, at 11 am PDT, to learn 4 new marketing automation capabilities you can use today to improve your marketing campaign results and impress your clients. In this free educational webinar, Doug Hederman of Hederman Brothers will show how they use MindFire Studio and will share real-life examples of successful campaigns they have built for their customers. Click here to register: http://mindfirestudio.net/102215

What’s New in MindFire Studio (and How it Can Help You and Your Clients Improve Your Marketing Results)

We're excited to introduce a suite of new and powerful features in MindFire Studio, each of which we believe can help you be a better marketing service provider and improve your clients marketing campaign results. In this post, I am going to give you a brief overview of each new functionality and highlight how it can help you better meet your clients' marketing needs.

New and Improved Contact Profile View

MindFire Studio Contact Profiel View Click on the image to enlarge. We have totally revamped the Contact Profile view with one single and important goal: Enabling you and your clients to quickly and easily understand who your contacts are and what they do.

See How Your Peers Make Money Using The New Features In MindFire Studio

Join us for a free webinar and learn how other print and marketing service providers generate revenue by leveraging some of the newest features in MindFire Studio. See What's New In MindFire Studio We have invited a panel of service providers to share how they are using marketing automation technology to develop a stronger relationship with their customers and create a profitable source of new revenue. Register now!

Marketing Corner Webinar: How We Use Marketing Automation at MindFire

Register for Marketing Corner Webinar: How We Use Marketing Automation at MindFire

I’d like to introduce our NEW training webinars, Marketing Corner, where we share how we use marketing automation to run our own marketing campaigns.

What is Marketing Corner?

Marketing Corner is a new free training webinar series hosted by MindFire to help print and marketing professionals learn techniques and best practices on how to use marketing automation to create effective marketing campaigns. We'll do this by sharing real-world examples of marketing campaigns that we run at MindFire. We take you to a behind-the-scene tour on how we use our software, MindFire Studio, to build and manage our campaigns. Here's what is being covered in the very first Marketing Corner, happening Tuesday, July 1st at 11 am PDT:
  • Managing (un)subscriptions with a master program
  • Using template(s) to boost your productivity
  • Advanced Target Audience segmentation using “Goals” and “Scores”
  • Introducing the new dashboard in MindFire Studio

Agency Helps Casino Client Win Big with a Multi-Channel Campaign

Ideas + Technology: The Recipe for Agency Success

Join us for a free webinar and learn how a marketing communication agency based out of beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma, one2one Marketing, division of JD Young, helped their long-time client, River Spirit Casino, generate $1,500,000 in additional play with this award-winning campaign, themed "Summer of Love".


The campaign has won the prestigious Diamond Romero Award, recognizing the excellence in casino marketing. Shanna Wilson, Director of Marketing at JD Young, and Joe Manos, Executive Vice President at MindFire, will present the campaign and review the specifics in detail. You should register now at: http://mindfirestudio.net/042214

Use This One Simple Technique to Help Your Sales Team Sell More

Your sales team meet with many prospects several times before they can close a deal. You can help them be more productive by letting them automatically send samples of your work and follow up messages, along with a compelling promotional offer, to their qualified prospects.

Watch this short video to see how PIP Print and Marketing of Peoria, IL is using an automated lead nurturing campaign to “automagically” send 2 emails, a tri-fold mailer, a dimensional tube-shaped mailer, a brochure, and a pop-out mailer -- within 30 days after meeting with their sales reps.

All marketing pieces lead the prospects to claim a free 24 x 36 print on a personalized landing page where they see how they can “Make a bigger impression with PIP”.

Click to continue and watch the video: PIP Print and Marketing Case Study

Dscoop9: Another Successful Milestone for Members, Partners, and The MindFire Team

The 9th Dscoop annual conference was another success for Dscoop members, partners, and MindFire. We showcased our HP SmartStream Print App which was very well received by the community. The HP and MindFire Studio integration allows users to generate a personalized direct mail and send it automatically to an Indigo press for print production. The integration offers printers new ways to increase their high-value print pages, and helps marketers tap into the power of true multi-channel communication, off-and-online. It's a win-win! Dscoop9: Break the mold!